My Budapest (6): Anti-ACTA Protest

Saturday, 11th February, 16:00. Budapest, Hungary. Sad but true, only around 1000 people cared to say something against ACTA.


8 thoughts on “My Budapest (6): Anti-ACTA Protest

  1. Ce misto a iesit aia cu laptopul. Si mai erai si in miscare.
    Sint poze faine. nu prea a fost lumina buna. Cred ca o sa ai nevoie de un blitz extern, chiar si pentru zi, pentru reportaje in special

  2. Hm… si mie poza cu laptopul mi se pare cea mai reusita, apoi mai e una cu doi cu masti. Daca ies doua-trei acceptabile intr-o sesiune de -15 grade si cam 200 de poze tot e bun, nu? 🙂 Cu luminozitatea stiu, abia mult mai tirziu am trecut pe un ISO de 2500, ceea ce mi-a dat citeva cadre bune – de exemplu, chiar poza cu laptopul.
    Da, un blitz imi doresc si eu, dar pentru un Nikon SB700 am nevoie de aproape 300 de euro, deci mai asteptam putin….

  3. Great photos Andrei! claimed that there were more than a thousand people but I highly doubt that. And the slovenian newspapers just reported today that the new minister for scince in slovenia is pro ACTA so it seems we are screwed. 😦

  4. Thanks and welcome here! I consider that the photo with the guy & laptop is the only one that deserves to be really kept… But I’m at the starting point so I decided to be more lenient to myself for some time 🙂
    Nah, don’t worry, we are not fucked up. It seems more and more politicians are going to think twice about this thing… Slovenia can’t be the dirty European guy, so let us hope! 🙂

  5. Dear Andrei, I belong to an independent newspaper and I was wondering if we could use some of your very nice pics for our coverage of the anti acta protests in Budapest. Of course, your name will appear just below the picture. Thank you in advance!


  6. Rodrigo, as a former CEU student I would be extremely pleased to offer you the possibility to use my pictures 🙂 Don’t worry, take whatever you like (if you need them in a bigger format just tell me). But please don’t forget to offer us here the link to your post!

  7. doua, trei, e foarte bine. Tie ti-au iesit mai multe. Iaca esti si solicitat!
    Vorbind despre lumina, ma refeream la cea din ziua aceea, nefavorabila. Tu ai expus corect, si de asta zic ca doar cu un blitz ai fi putut compensa. La urmatoarea ies si eu cu aparatul ca m-ai inspirat.

  8. Pai vezi, aici e problema. La demonstratii e cel mai usor, oamenii nu se supara ca le bagi obiectivul suib nas… Aici e usor, de aia am inceput asa…. Sa vedem cum mai evoluez dupa chestiile usoare….

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