My Florence (10): Realities of possible worlds…

I have found these pictures in an antique store’s window in Florence, on Via dei Fossi, very close to the the bridge named Ponte alla Carraia (it is not quite on the street, you have to enter some sort of inner yard). After hours of walking in a terrible warm day, in a place tourists rarely find, I started to fell like Gavrilescu must have felt in ‘La ţigănci / With the Gypsy Girls‘ by Mircea Eliade. Everything was upside down, and I let myself moved by a dream which exceeded reality… Could that world be a better one? The floor is yours…


2 thoughts on “My Florence (10): Realities of possible worlds…

  1. If you are talking about a world in which corsets or silk undergarments would usually be associated with big guys with bushy beards, then NO, it couldn`t

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