My Budapest (9): Inauguration of the Hungarian Guard’s new members

UPDATE (19.03.2012): Read an analysis of this event on The Contrarian Hungarian blog. You can also find a short video footage of the event on the Euronews.

Just two days after Jobbik’s rally on Deák Ferenc tér (on the 15th of March), surprisingly the (New) Hungarian (National) Guard / Magyar Gárda (which was dissolved by the Budapest Tribunal on 2 July 2009) had the chance to organize a meeting in its favourite place: Hősök tere / Heroes’ Square. This event was organized in order to welcome some 100 new members.

The meeting was attended by a surprisingly small number of persons, in spite of the wonderful weather. Surprisingly, the number of policemen was probably ten times (!!!) bigger than that of the participants (something which reminded me of the 2006 events). Here are some pictures, and I have to apologize for their quality (it was 12 o’clock, in an extremely sunny and hot day). The first two pictures show you some of the speakers (watch the interesting symbols in the second picture):


And here are the proud military members of the Magyar Gárda, quietly listening to the speakers, under the burning sky. You should notice that they are sitting – this is because in Hungary it is against the law to ‘walk or stay in a formation’ :

At the end of the meeting, the new members were being congratulated:

Meanwhile, a group of maximum 15-20 persons were demonstrating against the Magyar Gárda. They were heavily protected by the police (two cordons of policemen around the group):

Of course (is anyone surprised?) Hir TV was probably the only TV team present there:

I decided to leave the most interesting (and the most frightful) thing at the end: children, the new generation, really played a major role in the the Magyar Gárda’s demonstration. Below, you can see a proud Magyar Gárda’s family (two ‘military’ parents taking care of their children – two girls which are supposed to ‘continue’ the nation). This is probably the most interesting photo of this post. And finally, you can see a child reciting some poetry, being carefully prepared to become a proud citizen of the Magyar Gárda’s vision of Hungary.

And I guess that’s it. The whole event took maximum two hours and was attended by maximum 300-400 people. As always, pictures worth a thousands words…


6 thoughts on “My Budapest (9): Inauguration of the Hungarian Guard’s new members

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  2. foarte faine reportajele tale. sint coerente si cu imagini relevante. Si mi-au atras atentia si citeva poze care sint compuse foarte bine si au valoare chiar privite independent.
    Pari sa te specializezi in directia asta, asa ca… evenimente sa fie.

  3. M-ar fi bucurat sa si spui exact care sint fotografiile alea 🙂
    Nu ma specializez, e doar o marca a locului in care traiesc. In nordul Italiei, de pilda, in doi ani am vazut o singura demonstratie la care au participat vreo 30 de oameni 🙂 Asa ca depinde unde te afli.

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