Living in Nowhere, Europe

I was really amazed when I took these pictures some years ago. It was on the 7th of December 2008,  I was driving from Budapest (Hungary) to Iasi (Romania) and I have seen this strange place in the mountains – I do not remember the exact location, but it is probably very close to Toplita (in Hungarian: Maroshévíz) or Gheorgheni (Hungarian: Gyergyószentmiklós) [both of them being situated in the Harghita (Hungarian: Hargita) county, Romania].

Of course you can see some fences in the pictures below, but you have to trust me: there were no other people living around that tent. There was no village, no anything – it was only that tent, and the person(s) living in it. And it was on the 7th of December. Do we see a hermit’s home? Dreamers can think about this, but reasonable people already know: no person that really has a home would stay on that place in mid-winter (however, the place seems to be very well cared for – see the decorations around the tent!).

And yes – it’s Europe, it’s the 21st century!


2 thoughts on “Living in Nowhere, Europe

  1. Knowing if someone was living there was easy. You just had to look if there was footprints in the snow. Anyway, in modern Europe, many people live in tents in winter even in rich countries. In France for example, in the surroundings of Paris, many people are too poor to rent an apartment or live in a house. So they live in the woods or in their own car or camper van.

  2. Well, there was a large fenced area, so pretty difficult to see steps on the snow (the photos were made using the largest optical zoom my camera had). Didn’t know about people living in the woods close to Paris, though…

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