My Budapest (11): Against Pál Schmitt’s plagiarism

You can read more about the Hungarian President’s case of plagiarism on The Contrarian Hungarian’s blog.  Today at 11:00 Students’ Network organized a meeting across the Rector’s Office of Semmelweis University on Köztelek Tér (Budapest), demanding the Graduate Council to revoke President Schmitt’s doctorate.

Unfortunately, the meeting was attended by around 40 students and 15 journalists. Although it was previously announced that it would take place between 11:00 and 14:00 (THREE hours), the meeting barely exceeded 30 minutes. Here are some pictures (the protesters gathered especially for journalists, and probably at their demand):

And this is the ‘big’ student crowd:

Some of them took their notebooks, trying to work a bit before the meeting was supposed to begin:

The below poster seems to say ‘The spine is not the core material’ – easy to understand its meaning, probably it’s in every language  🙂

Finally, two organizers started to say something. Not too much, though: two or three propositions, something like ‘Thank you for coming. See you next time’. They were surrounded by journalists:

Well, the meeting was in a small park, lots of dogs were trying to solve their morning problems, and one came very close to Magyar Television’s team, probably wanting to show his great respect:

HIR TV also came, but unfortunately for them it was too late: the meeting was finished, few people remained in the park:

Below the translation is: ‘Are you really so afraid?’

When the Magyar Television started to transmit (or maybe just to record) the news, almost everyone had already left the place…

So that was all. For a nation that is used to get to the street every time it has something to say, students’ protest was pretty disappointing…

[I want to thank The Contrarian Hungarian for announcing me about this rally and its location, and for helping with posters’ translations]


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