Living in Nowhere, Europe (2)

The pictures below are taken this month very close to Cluj Napoca, Romania, on the road between Cluj Napoca and Gherla. If you ever want to visit this village (should I say ‘this ghost town’?), take the road E 576 from Cluj towards Gherla and you can get there just before the intersection with DN 161.

This village, made out of only six or seven severely damaged apartment buildings and a new church, doesn’t even have a name – or, at least, I wasn’t able to find it. This seems to be yet another ghost town inherited from the communist era; as you can see in the fourth picture below, beside the church the only other thing in this village is a crowded bar 🙂


One thought on “Living in Nowhere, Europe (2)

  1. Adica de ce ti se pare abandonat? Vad ca toate geamurile sunt la locul lor, unele au si perdele, exista masini si antene parabolice si pubele ecologice, deci chiar nu inteleg.
    Trebuie sa vii in Irlanda sa vezi sate abandonate cu placi de metal in loc de ferestre alea chiar arata ca orasele fantoma… ca nu e nimeni pe langa blocuri mie mi se pare o evolutie si nu invers… poate s-au pus toti cablu si stau la TV 😀

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