My Budapest (14): The other face of Erzsébetváros (7th District)

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One thought on “My Budapest (14): The other face of Erzsébetváros (7th District)

  1. Erzsébetváros, Budapest’s 7th district, is also known as ‘the Jewish Sector’. It’s probably the city’s most interesting part, since it offers a fascinating social mixture: tons of tourists, students, ultra-orthodox Jews, Roma people. However, the district has different faces, some of them well hidden. I took this shot two days ago, during the day of ‘clearing-out’ the sector (twice a year, people are allowed to throw away from their apartments everything they want, from broken toys or old pictures to couches and other pieces of furniture). The tones of garbage on the streets transform the sector in a disturbing but also surreal landscape. Usually every pile is quickly appropriated by a poor person who subsequently evaluates things that she wants to take home, things that can be sold (right there, on the street) and finally things that cannot be used in any way and they are left to be taken by the district’s cleaning company. However, middle-class people and antiquarians are also wandering on the streets, looking for interesting old objects.

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