My Budapest (15): another demonstration in Heroes Square

Yesterday there was a demonstration against racism, anti-semitism and the restoration of the Horthy cult, organized by civil associations and left-opposition parties. Unfortunately, as always in Hungary these years, this type of meetings are not attended by too many people. This time, probably around one thousand participants, although some say there were probably two thousands. And here are the manifestants:

So0me were defeated by the extreme heat:

And others, defeated by the extreme heat, started to play like children:

And here are the extremists, interestingly not very noisy this time, and maximum 50 persons:

Some poor persons also though that extremism is nicer than any other political option:

Of course, there was a big police force, but this time with a (pretty) human face:

Dogs were also present: some with the demonstrators, and some in the police force:


2 thoughts on “My Budapest (15): another demonstration in Heroes Square

  1. Thank you so much! Just keep me posted, if you hear about another upcoming event in Budapest, sometimes is difficult to hear about them!

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