The ‘Merry Cemetery’ (Săpânţa, Maramureş county, Romania). Part II: folk artist’s house

From the Merry Cemetery we went towards Stan Ion Pătraş’ memorial house (this guy being the folk artist that started to create these crosses in 1935). On the road, we’ve seen a very beautiful house in the pure Maramureş county’s style (don’t forget, double click on each picture to enlarge it):

And then we discovered Pătraş’s memorial house. Right at the entrance into the courtyard, there’s a bronze monument representing the artist. Here are both the statue and the house:

And let us see the interior. Here’s a wooden plate representing the Executive Committee of the Romanian Communist Party, and you can easily recognize former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s face:

The next one is a comic painting, which shows ‘a man watching his wife kissing her lover’:

The next one shows ‘a man who is not caring after his children; he is only drinking palinka’ (that is, the Romanian stile of home made spirit)’:

Some very nice decorated chairs, and then some more pictures from the house:

Getting outside the house, in the same courtyard we have seen the small workshop of Dumitru Pop Tincu (Stan Ion Pătraş’  follower). After Pătraş’s death in 1977 (at the age of 69), Dumitru Pop known as ‘Tincu’ carried on his craft. This is his workshop:

At the end of our visit we talked to the actual folk artist’s wife. She told us that such a cross costs almost 500 euros. And the price will probably go higher, since people outside Romania are increasingly requesting such an work of art (link in English). You can watch an interview with Dumitru Pop-Tincu (in Romanian) here.


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