My Budapest (19): Milla’s demonstration against the Government

4 September 2012: the Internet group ‘One Million for the Freedom of Press in Hungary’ (MILLA), an ‘initiative originally started in protest of the Orbán government’s curtailing of media freedoms has called for a demonstration against the Hungarian government’s exchange of a common criminal for hard cash’ (The Contrarian Hungarian, personal email). The idea is that an Azerbaijani killed an Armenian in 2004 while both men participated in a NATO training program (the reason was the hatred between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh war). The Azerbaijani was condemned to 30 years in prison – however, last month he was sent to his home state to finish his sentence. But once he got into Azerbaijan he was released by the president and turned into a national hero. This action turned into an international conflict (read more on BBC; read more on The Economist) (read even more on The Contrarian Hungarian blog, post 1 and post 2). The protest against the Hungarian Government organised by MILLA summoned around 2500 – 3000 people (just my estimation, which might be wrong). Unfortunately – even for participants – they started the protest around 18:00 and finished the demonstration 45 minutes later. Enjoy the photo report [the translation of the banners – and, where appropriately, the explanations – belongs to The Contrarian Hungarian. Many thanks once again]!

Below is ‘a very neat play on words, hard to translate. It means pretty much what “Viktor, ezt elbasztad” would mean, just much more politely. And “balta,” of course, is the axe – elbaltazni means to ruin something, to ruin something like one only can ruin with an axe. Maybe the closest in meaning would be: “Viktor, you made an axe-mess of this”?’:

Below: ‘The Azeri killer is free, the person who destroyed Esztergom is sitting in the Parliament. (Likely it has to do with the politics of Esztergom, in North Hungary, where a bitter war of attrition is taking place between an independent mayor and Fidesz)’:

Below: ‘Half-asian traitor!’

Below, left: ‘Our honour is not for sale’; in the middle: ‘It is not our shame’:

Below: ‘Don’t fear! Organize!’:

Below: ‘Viktor! You are a traitor! [The rest says: You sold the honor (of what: not visible) for a handful of (not visible).]’:

Below: ‘The journal in the hand is a journal on Armenia’:

Below, this man’s T-shirt ‘says: Sick people should be in the hospital, not on government. But as far as his sign is concerned, it says that “Fried lard does the peacock dance, and now the Hungarian flag burns. GET LOST!” The peacock dance is from one of Orban’s speeches: he said that Hungary needs to dazzle with a peacock dance; meaning, I think, that one will get away with dirty dealings if in the meantime one goes on dancing as nicely as a peacock. Toportyu or fried pork fat also means someone very small, the protester means Orban’:


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