My Budapest (22): Hungarian Grey Cattle’s Festival

Last weekend (14-16 September 2012) I’ve seen for the first time the celebrated (but so difficult to spot) Hungarian Grey Cattle. It was a festival in the Vajdahunyad Castle‘s courtyard – with a lot of wine and pálinka, live music, specific Hungarian food (including Grey Cattle products) and traditional Hungarian handicrafts (expensive as always). So let’s enjoy the pictures, they are for free :)))

Below, the entrance to the festival area. On the left hand side you can see the ‘Grey Cattle trophies’ that were supposed to be voted by the participants for the ‘best trophy’ award:

[Don’t forget: double click on pictures to enlarge them]

Below, as always and as in every Hungarian festival, some wines bottled in very interesting recipients. And very expensive products, of course:

Below, a special balloon representing a Grey Cattle:

And now you can finally see a real Grey Cattle, with its huge horns:

Don’t be afraid of the following picture: that’s a Grey Cattle bull – terrifying, but still a beauty specimen:

And now some non-living but interesting figures:

Among this non-living figures, some caryatid caught my attention – all lewd interpretations belong to the one that makes them 🙂

And another non-living figure, this time right a Grey Cattle’s head exposed on a light pole (well, Hungarians are yummy savages, aren’t they?!):

Now we go on to the living category. Some people tried to make some money – but their appearance was better than their voice:

Below, a handicraft’s man machinery: you can use it for making different figures out of wood:

And now, let us watch one of the Hungarian traditional clothes. Forget about the first man, his mind was lost in the last pálinka glass:

And finally, a man in yet another traditional Hungarian cloth, offering a whip show – no, you dirty minds, it’s not one of THOSE whipping shows 🙂

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