My Budapest (23): National Gallop 2011 and 2012

Budapest’s ‘National Gallop’ (see National Gallop’s professional site) is taking place every year in mid-September (this year, on the 15th and 16th – Saturday and Sunday – of September), in Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square). Since I’ve been to the event in both 2011 and 2012, I decided to make a selection of photos covering both years. The Photos from 2011 were taken with a point-and-shoot at a very high ISO (because it was the only camera I had at that time, and because the best things there happened in the evening), so you can see a lot of ‘noise’ there. However, I decided to use them simply because, according to my own opinion, the 2011 event was nicer organized than this year’s event. And there were more interesting things last year that I really want to share with you. So I will leave you with pictures and explanations when necessary – just remember, double click on each photo to enlarge it!

The National Gallop is a subject of national pride for Hungarians: it’s a moment of joy for horse lovers and lovers of horse sports, but also a moment of remembering glorious moments from the past. Probably this is why, unfortunately, the two-days event is full of nationalist items (national clothes, old military suits – i.e., hussar or huszár suits – former and actual symbols of the national army, lots of national flags, traditional flags of all Hungarian provinces, and so on). Just look at the following three pictures:

Parade of people dressed in historical army costumes (huszár costumes), 2012:

Every cart had to have at least one or two national flags. Picture taken in 2012:

Other military costumes, this time the photo is from 2011 event:

But let us set aside the stupid nationalism and the stupid military history. Let us see some nice horse portraits – these animals are simply charming (all photos here are from 2012):

And now, some horse sports, which may seem a bit stupid for a person that simply love horses but doesn’t know anything about horse sports. In the following two photos (2012), two normal sports everyone has heard of: horse racing and show jumping.

But then you have really strange sports. First,  a strange cart racing (see below): no horses here, just people playing horses 🙂

Second, below you have a racing based probably on Roman chariots:

And here is the most interesting thing, called equestrian vaulting, which means gymnastics and dance on horseback. First picture is made this year (2012):

The following 5 pictures are taken last year (2011) with a point-and-shoot camera (in the evening, with big ISO values):

Finally, also from 2011, a strange demonstration that combines horse riding, horse training and some whipping show 🙂


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