Helga (2): Happy twelfth birthday!

Today, Helga is 12 years old! Happy birthday my darling! See also an amazing photo of Helga here. Photos taken on December 2012 – couldn’t make a photo session today, she is massively shedding (loosing her hair) and she’s almost naked 🙂 As always, double click on each photo to enlarge it!




8 thoughts on “Helga (2): Happy twelfth birthday!

  1. Multam! Toate pozele sunt facute cu 50mm / F1.8 care cica are bokeh bun. Acuma o fi iesit ciudat, dar nu inteleg la ce te referi. Pe de alta parte, poate si comanda de ‘unsharp mask’ de la Gimp o fi avut vreo influenta negativa, naiba stie 🙂

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