My Budapest (31): Winter

Since writing the first full draft of my PhD thesis was a race against time this winter, I didn’t have too many free moments for photography these months – so I could say the only things I am remembering from this period are some images from Városliget / City Park (Budapest), taken between December 2012 and March 2013. Hope you will enjoy them too! [Don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!]

01. DSC_7555 (Copy)

02. DSC_7927 (Copy)

03. DSC_7513 (Copy)

04. DSC_7545 (Copy)

05. DSC_7536 (Copy)

06. DSC_7560 (Copy)

07. DSC_7840 (Copy)

08. DSC_7812 (Copy)

09. DSC_7837 (Copy)

10. DSC_7347 [Copy]

11. DSC_7845 (Copy)

12. DSC_7835 (Copy)

13. DSC_7821 (Copy)

14. DSC_7829 (Copy)

15. DSC_7394 [Copy]


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