My Budapest (32): Mangalica festival, 2013 edition

I hope you enjoyed the 2012 Mangalica festival in Budapest! In 2013, it took place on the 10th of February (the same traditional place – Szabadság tér), and it had some interesting features (setting aside, of course, the usual pálinka bottles and all the Hungarian heavy food). Only three photos, this time: the first shows a man dressed in a traditional sheepskin waistcoat (which is also used by all shepherds in the Carpathian basin). The second photo shows a miniature representing a house and its courtyard – everything is made out of… sausages, bacon, and other traditional products made out of Mangalica (Mangalitsa) meat! Finally, the third and last photo shows you some beautiful live animals (more photos here; the festival’s official website is here; read about Mangalitsa here). Enjoy, and don’t forget: click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_7771 (Copy)

DSC_7774 (Copy)

DSC_7776 (Copy)


3 thoughts on “My Budapest (32): Mangalica festival, 2013 edition

  1. Thanks Ada! I will try to do it but I have to postpone a bit, it seems there are a lot of things to write about 🙂

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