My antique world (1): object 1 (the gramophone) and the ‘making of’

Today I am starting a new series on this blog, since I decided to put together my passion for photography and that for antiquities. Because I was not able to build a real photo studio (which seems to be really expensive) I had to improvise – and it was a real challenge, starting with all the problems raised by fluorescent lightening, the trouble to find a proper ‘backdrop’, the difficulty to take pictures of some objects, and so on.  But finally I did it, and once a week you will see the results. You can also see at the end of this post some photos ‘behind the scenes’ 🙂

I decided to start with this gramophone, or phonograph I bought from a flea market in Fiesole (close to Florence, Italy) in 2010. It seems to be a His Master’s Voice but I am not sure whether this is the real thing made somewhere in the 1930’s or some sort of reproduction. However, it looks nice and it is fully functional, as you can see in the third picture. But I have to tell you, I am not using it too often – the sound is incredible loud, and the neighbours are obviously not very happy. I’ve found on the internet some gramophones which look very similar to this one here, here, here, here, and here. You can also watch the following episodes/posts of ‘My antique world’ here. And don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_7940 (Copy)DSC_8272 (Copy)DSC_7941 (Copy)picture 009 (Copy)picture 009-1 (Copy)

And here are the photos ‘behind the scenes’ (i.e., the ‘making of’):

picture 007 (Copy)picture 005 (Copy)picture 001 (Copy)


One thought on “My antique world (1): object 1 (the gramophone) and the ‘making of’

  1. In primul rind ma bucur sa vad ca incerci si asta. Daca ai avea de la inceput si citeva lumini mai dedicate, te-ar prinde cu siguranta. Da merge si asa. Rabdare sa ai.
    Scriu pentru inceput citeva tipsuri (nu tricksuri), adaptate la ce ai tu.
    Daca folosesti si blitul de pe camera, nu-l mai folosi. Prima data tre sa scapi de umbrele pe care le face produsul. gaseste un sistem prin care sa pui in fata luminilor hirtie alba de calc(de gatit) pentru a difuza lumina., si mai schimbi diafragma sau iso ca sa compensezi scaderea intensitatii luminii.
    Apoi incearca sa distantezi cit mai mult obiectul de fundal si sa ii pui si lui o lumina. doar a lui, si deja ai sarit la alt nivel 🙂
    Cind ai cutii (patefonul), alege-ti punctul de statie in asa fel incit sa vezi 3 suprafete, ca sa ii dai volum. deci era bine sa prinzi un pic si o laterala.
    Sint multe de luat in considerare, asa ca tot experimentind observi mai bine.
    Asa ca spor si mai comentam pe parcurs.

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