My Budapest (34): The flood of the century

I didn’t invent the phrase ‘flood of the century’, but it seems that it is absolutely true: the water level was the highest ever recorded. I took these photos yesterday evening, after the highest level had been reached. Enjoy the photos – and click on each picture to enlarge it!

From the Margit bridge, Budapest offered as always a nice view in spite of the flood:

DSC_9208 (Copy)But the truth is that whole streets have been flooded. The whole Antall József street (behind the Parliament) and the Danube promenade disappeared under the water, together with the well-known ‘Shoes on the Danube‘ memorial.

DSC_9212 (Copy)

DSC_9216 (Copy)

DSC_9219 (Copy)

DSC_9223 (Copy)

DSC_9230 (Copy)In front of the Gresham Palace and close to the Sofitel Hotel, the view was amazing:
DSC_9253 (Copy)

The Jane Haning street and the Danube promenade on the other side of the Chain Bridge were completely flooded:
DSC_9170 (Copy)

After crossing the Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd) to Buda, similar views could be seen: both Friedrich Born and Sztehlo Gábor streets were flooded, and the police kept anyone at a distance:

DSC_9175 (Copy)

DSC_9176 (Copy)

DSC_9180 (Copy)Shops and bars also prepared for the flood, and the metro station Batthyány Tér was completely closed:
DSC_9182 (Copy)

DSC_9194 (Copy)On Árpád fejedelem street (close to Margit bridge) nobody was allowed to stay:

DSC_9196 (Copy)And finally, Margitsziget (the Margaret Island) was completely closed, all workers and tourists have been evacuated, and the authorities did their best to ‘defend’ it. And that’s pretty all I saw yesterday evening – an unforgettable walk, to be sure!

DSC_9206 (Copy)


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