Budapest: protest against cyanide mining

Yesterday tens of thousands protested in Bucharest and other cities all over the world against opening a project of gold extraction using cyanide in Roşia Montană (Transylvania, Romania). The Canadian Company ‘Roşia Montană Gold Corporation’ turned Romanians against each other: on the one hand you have the ecologists, on the other you have a large group of people asking for jobs, cultural preservation of historic sites in the area, and an economic boom. Read more about this story in English here. Below you can see ecologists’ protest in Budapest, Hungary. Around 100 people gathered in Heroes Square / Hősök tere and marched on Dózsa György street and then on Thököly street, where Romanian Embassy is located. In spite of protesters’ calls, no Romanian official was available for talks. Some pictures below (double click on each photo to enlarge it!).

Below it is written: ‘No cyanide at Roşia Montană!’

01. DSC_0361 (Copy)02. DSC_0248 (Copy)Below the placards say: ‘Not in my name’, ‘Save Roşia Montană!’:03. DSC_0286 (Copy)Below it is written: ‘The Last Supper? We don’t want cyanide’04. DSC_0247 (Copy)Below: ‘Save Roşia Montană’:DSC_0296 (Copy)

DSC_0325 (Copy)The Embassy remains closed to the protesters, nobody is coming in or out. The gate is guarded by policemen:DSC_0356 (Copy)

And two portraits:07. DSC_0367 (Copy)

DSC_0377 (Copy)


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