My Budapest (39): The Székely autonomy march

Today, Hungarian ethnics from Hungary and Romania manifested for the territorial autonomy of the Romanian region known as  Székely Land (or ‘Szeklerland’; Hungarian: ‘Székelyföld’; Romanian: ‘Ţinutul Secuiesc’). You can read here (in Romanian) what happened in Romania . What happened in Budapest, you can see below. As far as I understood, there were not so many people from the Szeklerland in Budapest, since they were busy with organizing their own rally in Romania. In Budapest the crowd (probably over 5,000 people) gathered in the the Heroes Square, then marched on  Dózsa György út and Thököly út, where the Romanian Embassy is located. Unfortunately, extremist groups were easily spotted, like the motorcycle band usually seen at the extremist party Jobbik’s rallies. Interestingly enough, Hungarians in Budapest were not able to match Romanian Hungarian ethnics’ requests: the latter wanted ‘territorial autonomy’ within the Romanian state (they were chanting ‘Romania is our country too’, see here in Romanian), while in the front of the Romanian Embassy Hungarians underlined that ‘the Székely Land does not belong to Romania’ – which was evidently a border revision claim. However, setting politics aside, these are my photos. Enjoy, and don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_1309 (Copy)

DSC_1314 (Copy)

DSC_1320 (Copy)

DSC_1346 (Copy)

DSC_1366 (Copy)

DSC_1373 (Copy)

DSC_1391 (Copy)

DSC_1404 (Copy)

DSC_1449 (Copy)

DSC_1464 (Copy)

DSC_1478 (Copy)

DSC_1488 (Copy)

DSC_1498 (Copy)

DSC_1506 (Copy)

DSC_1517 (Copy)

DSC_1519 (Copy)

DSC_1521 (Copy)

DSC_1567 (Copy)

DSC_1572 (Copy)

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