Carnival portraits (3)

Photos taken on on 2 March 2014 in Diekirch (Luxembourg) and on 4 March 2014 in Smeermaas (Limburg Province, Flanders / Vlaanderen, Belgium). Also have a look at Carnival portraits (1) and Carnival portraits (2). To see other photos from those carnivals, check the following posts: Carnival in Diekirch, Luxembourg and Carnival in Smeermaas, Belgium. Click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_4379 (Copy)

DSC_4381 (Copy)

DSC_4778 (Copy)

DSC_4816 (Copy)

You can easily see in the photo below how the policeman and the carnival participant changed their hats / caps in order to pose for this photo. You can’t see such a joy and friendly attitude (regarding police forces) in Eastern Europe, unfortunately.DSC_4988 (Copy)


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