Veliko Tarnovo (2): Tsarevets – the light show!

As promised, the second post about Veliko Tarnovo proudly presents you the light show (actually, the official name is ‘Tsarevgrad Turnov in Sound and Light’ (source). We watched the show on 31 March 2014 around 9:30 – 10:00 PM (it lasted around 20 minutes), but it was pure luck, since it seems there is no official hour when it is supposed to start. You can also watch a video on YouTube. On my camera at that very moment there was the fix lens 50mm 1.8 and I had no tripod. So I just put the camera on a wall, set the aperture to f.8, took out the remote control and started to shoot! Check also my first post about Veliko Tarnovo (Tsarevets by day). Enjoy, and don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_5967 (Copy)

DSC_5973 (Copy)

DSC_5976 (Copy)

DSC_5977 (Copy)

DSC_5999 (Copy)

DSC_6006 (Copy)

8 thoughts on “Veliko Tarnovo (2): Tsarevets – the light show!

    • Thank you so much Jana! Well, I used 2500 ISO (!!!) and an aperture of f/8. I used aperture priority (I am on Nikon) and the camera chose the shutter speed of one second or even higher, depending on each photo (I didn’t have a tripod at that time, so I simply put the camera on a stone wall). Hope this helps!

  1. Well, I am not Bulgarian, I just visited the town. But I can give you a hint: take the road towards the citadel (there is only one road), and you will see a church. Go behind the church and put your camera on the stone wall. You will have a perfect view (You will be in the exact place where I was). Use the timer on your camera to take the photos. Let me know whether you were lucky enough to be there on the right moment! 🙂 Good luck!

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