My Budapest (41): Városliget must not be destroyed!

Yesterday (17 May 2014) I witnessed a protest against the plan to destroy a good part of Városliget (the City Park, Budapest). The big idea is to cut the trees around the Transport Museum of Budapest (Közlekedési Múzeum) and to construct five new museum buildings. As we can see, art is not always sustainable. News about the so-called ‘Liget Budapest Project’ can be read (in English) here. At this protest, everyone adopted a tree and some even gave them names. Let us hope the administration will not succeed in its plans – as the administration in my home town did one year ago, when it cut the 70 linden trees (Iasi‘s distinguishing mark) [read news in Romanian here]. For such initiatives to be successful, maybe citizens should create a pan-European organization to fight against such decisions. Just a thought. [Double click on each photo to enlarge it].

DSC_6835 (Copy)

DSC_6839 (Copy)

DSC_6849 (Copy)

DSC_6864 (Copy)

DSC_6884 (Copy)

DSC_6907 (Copy)

DSC_6917 (Copy)

DSC_6925 (Copy)

DSC_6958 (Copy)

DSC_6964 (Copy)


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