Veliko Tarnovo (5): The life of others

Probably the true face of Veliko Tarnovo. People are poor and one can see this only by looking at their homes. Moreover, since in this town there is not much to do except tourism these days, many houses are not only abandoned, but also dilapidated. I still remember the strange feeling I had seeing the highest number of derelict houses I’ve ever seen in my travels. But setting this aside, for the person who knows how to look the city has a special beauty and a particular charm. There are many interesting things, from architectural peculiarities (a lot of houses are made of clay, the first floor is somehow larger than the ground floor, and many balconies are made of wood) to cultural particularities (interestingly, when a person dies her relatives advertise her picture and her death on the walls. Never saw something like this by now!). Enjoy the photos, and don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_5667 (Copy)

DSC_5854 (Copy)

DSC_5862 (Copy)

DSC_5869 (Copy)

DSC_5883 (Copy)

DSC_5907 (Copy)

DSC_6022 (Copy)

DSC_6059 (Copy)

DSC_6067 (Copy)

DSC_6145 (Copy)


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