Helga – Photo shoot

Shooting dogs is not quite handy – you need a lot of time (just think about grooming first!), a lot of patience, and a very good knowledge of dog psychology. Preferably you should personally know the dog you want to shoot in order to catch different facial expressions. Here, my Chow-Chow Helga (pedigree name: Arizonai Almodozok Faviola) is 13 years and 3 months old (she was born on 14 February 2001 in Gyönk, Hungary and she came to me when she was six weeks old). Photos taken between 15-29 April 2014 (Wattignies, Lille, France). Check out other pictures of Helga here, here, here and here. Check also Codrut (Helga’s son) photo session here. [Click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_6412 (Copy)

DSC_6413 (Copy)

DSC_6544 (Copy)

DSC_6556 (Copy)

DSC_6560-1 (Copy)

DSC_6587-1 (Copy)

DSC_6606-1 (Copy)

DSC_6634 (Copy)

DSC_6640 (Copy)

DSC_6641 (Copy)


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