My Budapest (42): Budapest Pride – July 2014 (19th) edition

I have to say that unfortunately the 2013 edition was by far better and attended by a larger number of people. Unlike the last year: (1) the organizers switched Pride’s starting and ending points (now the march started in front of the Parliament and ended in the City Park / Városliget); (2) Andrássy Avenue was only a part of the route; in order to keep fascist as far away as possible, the traditional route has been largely changed; (3) once in the City Park, people were not able to go home for a long period of time; because of fears of extremist groups, police fenced participants in the park. More infos on the Budapest Pride can be found here. Photos taken on 5 July 2014; double click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_7320 (Copy)Below (more or less accurate): ‘Nationalist feelings – Cock suckers – Fuck!’DSC_7341 (Copy)

DSC_7349 (Copy)

DSC_7353 (Copy)

DSC_7379 (Copy)

DSC_7387 (Copy)

DSC_7395 (Copy)

DSC_7425 (Copy)

DSC_7487 (Copy)

DSC_7518 (Copy)

DSC_7537 (Copy)

DSC_7545 (Copy)


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