My Prague (6): Orthodox Easter in Prague

Yes, yesterday we finally found the Romanian Orthodox Church in Prague (Romanian site here). It looks very much like the wooden churches of Maramureş (Romania), although it was made in the Ukraine in the second half of the 17th century and then brought to Prague in 1929. The ceremony begun at midnight, so that’s why the photos are very grainy (5000 ISO). Enjoy, and happy Eastern to all! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

DSC_4289 (Copy)

DSC_4293 (Copy)

DSC_4278 (Copy)

DSC_4281 (Copy)

DSC_4285 (Copy)

And here’s our Easter lunch (100% home made – we are great cooks indeed!): Romanian ‘sarmale‘ (i.e. ‘forc-meat rolls in cabbage‘, or ‘vine leaves’) with cream; Romanian ‘răcituri‘ (i.e. ‘meat jelly‘, or ‘pig’s trotters’); Romanian ‘mămăligă’ (i.e. ‘polenta‘); Easter eggs;  roast lamb (made in a cauldron) with Romanian salad (horseradish and beet);  ‘pască’ (traditional Romanian pastry); some Hungarian and Spanish wines; and a traditional Czech Becherovka. And because now it’s the season, we added some lilac for a nice view. Bon appetit!

DSC_4325 (Copy)


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