My Prague (7): Prague’s Witches’ Night festival

Each year on the 30th of April Prague is engaged in witch burning (pálení čarodějnic). Read more about the event here, here and here. We couldn’t pay too much attention to this event since this year on the same day we had the Orthodox Easter, but we still found some time to get some snapshots. Below, two (very modern, I guess) witches posing for the cameras.


Witches are trained. You have to start when you’re young…


And witchcraft is hereditary, of course!


Witchcraft can also be flower-power, with all those beers and stuff…


And yes, witches must also eat. They roast sausages over a blazing fire 🙂


And here are the best two witches on the Vltava’s island this year (sorry for the grainy photos, it was really dark)!




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