My Prague (9): Battle of the nations (b): Fallen Soldiers

Read more about this full contact sport on my first post on the Battle of the nations. Click on each photo to enlarge it! Today I want to concentrate on the fallen soldiers (we are still focusing on the category ‘Group Battles’ 5 vs. 5). According to the general regulations, a fighter is ‘removed from battle’ when:

a) ‘He is “grounded”, i.e. he touches the surface of the lists with the third point of support (body, buttocks, arm, knee, shield, etc.). The rule applies if a fighter falls down together with an opponent.’ (‘important: Two basic supporting points for a battle are feet.’)

DSC_4448 (Copy)

b) ‘His legs leave the designated combat area or he falls or is forced outside the lists.’

DSC_4502 (Copy)

c) ‘An element of protective equipment (used to protect joints, head, hands, groin, or neck, and also serves to protect a large area), is broken or lost.’


d) ‘He touches the ground fighter with his body or buttocks.’

DSC_4709 (Copy)

e) ‘Continues attacking actions without a weapon in his hand (shield is not a weapon).’

DSC_4856 (Copy)

‘Important: When the fighter falls on his opponent and touches with the third supporting point (except for body and buttocks) only his opponent, who lies under him, the fighter is not considered as fallen.’

DSC_4868 (Copy)

DSC_4877 (Copy)


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