Prague Pride – August 2016: (1) The opening concert

The Prague Pride Opening Night (8 August 2016) took place in the Pride village on Střelecký Island (Střelecký ostrov) between 6 and 10 PM. Invited artists: Adam Mišík (relatively OK), the heavy-metal band Vladivojsko (very impressive performance!), and Jan Bending (didn’t hear about him, but it seems he scored in SuperStar, the Czech version of the Idol series – anyway, very boring!). The special guest was Omar Sharif Jr. (Omar Sharif’s grandson), a gay and LGBT activist (see below). Read more about this concert here. Let’s start with some photos of the people in the Pride village located on Střelecký island.
[Click on each photo to enlarge it!]

01. DSC_6351 (Copy)

02. DSC_6423 (Copy)

03. DSC_6426 (Copy)

04. DSC_6261 (Copy)

And of course, the performances: 05. DSC_6331 (Copy)

Below, some photos of the the heavy-metal band Vladivojsko:

06. DSC_6367 (Copy)

07. (Copy)

08. DSC_6397 (Copy)

And of course, how could one miss such a performance:

09. DSC_6313 (Copy)

You are definitely impressed by the person below, of course, but…

10. DSC_6298 (Copy)

11. DSC_6301 (Copy)

…as you can see in the photo below, it’s all fake! [I realized this only today, after I carefully watched the photos I took] 🙂

12. DSC_6328 (Copy)

And now, some interesting portraits:

13. DSC_6306 (Copy)

14. DSC_6336 (Copy)

15. DSC_6338 (Copy)

16. DSC_6363 (Copy)

17. DSC_6388 (Copy)

18. DSC_6391 (Copy)

19. DSC_6399 (Copy)

20. DSC_6476 (Copy)

21. DSC_6346 (Copy)

22. DSC_6348 (Copy)

Below, you can see US Ambassador to the Czech Republic (Andrew H. Schapiro) delivering a supportive speech.

23. DSC_6411 (Copy)

And finally, Omar Sharif Jr.:

24. DSC_6487 (Copy)

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