My Prague (14): Prague Pride, August 2016 (the 6th) edition

Prague Pride – Saturday, 13 august 2016, 12-15 PM. It is the largest Pride in the Central and Eastern Europe – 40.000 participants, according to Prague Monitor. This is also why (although I do not like posts with more than 15 photos), for the first time I will publish a post with 70 pictures, in order to accurately cover the whole event. The parade started on Wenceslas Square, headed towards Náměstí Republiky, continued on the Vltava‘s shore, then on the Čechův bridge and ended in the Letná park. Here are some participants. In the first photo below, you can see  two members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (‘an order of queer nuns’): Sister Roma and Sister Vish:

DSC_6987 (Copy)

DSC_7020 (Copy)

DSC_7025 (Copy)

DSC_7031 (Copy)

DSC_7046 (Copy)

DSC_7050 (Copy)

DSC_7062 (Copy)

DSC_7071 (Copy)

DSC_7076 (Copy)

DSC_7079 (Copy)

DSC_7096 (Copy)

DSC_7105 (Copy)

DSC_7109 (Copy)

DSC_7111 (Copy)

DSC_7117 (Copy)

DSC_7120 (Copy)

DSC_7127 (Copy)

DSC_7128 (Copy)

DSC_7130 (Copy)

DSC_7163 (Copy)

DSC_7187 (Copy)

DSC_7189 (Copy)

DSC_7203 (Copy)

DSC_7218 (Copy)

DSC_7243 (Copy)

DSC_7250 (Copy)

DSC_7258 (Copy)

DSC_7266 (Copy)

DSC_7284 (Copy)

DSC_7334 (Copy)

DSC_7363 (Copy)

And some general photos of the event:

DSC_6996 (Copy)

DSC_7016 (Copy)

DSC_7116 (Copy)

DSC_7118 (Copy)

The Czech Police has something called ‘Anti-Conflict Team’:

DSC_7119 (Copy)

DSC_7123 (Copy)

DSC_7132 (Copy)

DSC_7168 (Copy)

DSC_7173 (Copy)

DSC_7181 (Copy)

The Roma flag:

DSC_7183 (Copy)

DSC_7195 (Copy)

DSC_7214 (Copy)

DSC_7215 (Copy)

DSC_7228 (Copy)

DSC_7267 (Copy)

DSC_7278 (Copy)

DSC_7282 (Copy)

The Orlando nightclub shooting was commemorated:

DSC_7285 (Copy)

Below, some photos can give you a hint regarding participants’ number:

DSC_7139 (Copy)

DSC_7152 (Copy)

DSC_7167 (Copy)

DSC_7315 (Copy)

DSC_7325 (Copy)

Just be aware that the crowd is not only on the bridge. The line is very long, and continues on the Vltava’s shore on the left of the picture (it is even longer than you can see here).

DSC_7340 (Copy)

DSC_7360 (Copy)

Anti-Pride protesters were, unlike in Budapest, very few. There were two groups of maximum 15 participants each. The first group (mainly old religious people) was in the Wenceslas Square. The curious thing was that, again unlike in Budapest, police did not separate the groups. And still no incident occurred.

DSC_6959 (Copy)

DSC_6964 (Copy)

As you can see below, the old protesters were not very proficient in English. The placard on the left says ‘God accept us’ instead of ‘God accepts (or accepted) us’; on the second placard the word ‘you’ is written down as ‘Jou’:

DSC_7140 (Copy)

Very frightening, right? 🙂

DSC_7142 (Copy)

However, the second group (again, maximum 15 participants) was close to the Čechův bridge and it was composed of mainly members of the far-right. Here police officers became serious.

DSC_7291 (Copy)

DSC_7297 (Copy)

Of course, not only humans took part in the Prague Pride. Dogs showed their support too. Not only as participants, as you can see below…

DSC_7083 (Copy)

DSC_7114 (Copy)

DSC_7157 (Copy)

DSC_7212 (Copy)

DSC_7253 (Copy)

DSC_7271 (Copy)

…but also as police officers ready to protect.

DSC_7296 (Copy)

You may also want to check my coverage of other similar events: Budapest Pride 2013 and Budapest Pride 2014. The post with Budapest Pride 2016 is forthcoming.


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