Lisbon (1): A bird’s-eye view

The trip to Lisbon in the second half of September this year offered some good opportunities for shooting. The first post will show some bird’s-eye views. Now the first three photos are shot from the viewpoint of St. Peter of Alcantara (Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara), which is situated on the São Roque hill (one of the seven – or eight, according to some opinions – hills of Lisbon). The first photo shows the Tagus River (Rio Tajo), together with the 18th-century baroque-style Catholic Church of Santo António and parts of the Mouraria and Alfama  city districts on the hill of São Jorge.


In the next photo you have the same hill named São Jorge, but this time you can see more of the Mouraria neighborhood and, of course, the São Jorge Castle.


Below, once again Mouraria, and on the top of the hill you can see the Church and Convent0 da Graça on the left and the São Jorge Castle on the right hand side.


The following photos are taken from the the São Jorge Castle, taking the East-North-West-South direction. This is what you can see if looking towards East:


And here is another view. I really though the guy who owns the colored house is a Romanian, since the colors are those of the Romanian flag 🙂


Going slightly to the North on the Castle’s walls, you can see the Church of Santa Engrácia, a 17-th century monument, originally a church, but converted in the 20th century into the National Pantheon (important Portuguese personalities are buried here). Twice a week you can also visit Portugal’s biggest flea-market around this location.


Lisbon, the view to the West:


Below you have the same view to the West, but now you can see the 25th of April Bridge (inaugurated in 1966) and the statue of Christ the King, inaugurated in 1959 (inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).


Below, other two photos showing the Western part of Lisbon (sunset time):



The last two photos are shot in Alfama. In the first one, you can spot the Church of Santa Engrácia (see above); in the second one, Church of Santo António (again, see above).



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