My Prague (5): The town view (seen from the Hanavský pavilon)

Photos taken on 16 November 2014, between 3 and 4 PM (local time). The viewpoint this time was the Hanavský pavilon – which, according to its website, was ‘rebuilt on the new designated site at the edge of Letenské Sady (park of Letná) in December 1891. [Double click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_8769 (Copy)

DSC_8777 (Copy)

DSC_8768 (Copy)

DSC_8772 (Copy)

DSC_8753 (Copy)

DSC_8770 (Copy)

My Prague (4): Prague by night (d): Vyšehrad

Three photos of the historical fort Vyšehrad. In the first, you can see the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul; in the second, Prague’s oldest building, the Rotunda of St Martin (11th century). The photos are shot on 5 November 2014 around 7:00 PM (local time). Both are shot at the shutter speed of 30 seconds – of course, the tripod and a remote control were used. The last photo shows a general view of the Vyšehrad fortress and the Basilica seen from the Bastion Prague Restaurant (Bastionu XXXI). It is shot on 16 November 2014. [Don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_8730 (Copy)

DSC_8731 (Copy)

DSC_8809 (Copy)

My Prague (3): Prague by night (c): The town view (seen from the Golden Lane)

Photos shot on 5 November 2014 between 5:00 – 7:00 PM (local time). Now we are enjoying some general views of Prague close to the Vltava (Moldau) river. The first three photos are shot from the famous Golden Lane (in Czech Zlatá ulička). Of course, the tripod and the remote control were heavily used. Some photos were again shot at 30 seconds – in order to ‘clean’ them by ‘wiping out’ the tourists :) [Don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_8686 (Copy)

DSC_8687 (Copy)

DSC_8691 (Copy)

DSC_8697 (Copy)

DSC_8701 (Copy)

DSC_8729 (Copy)

My Prague (2): Prague by night (b): The Charles Bridge

Photos shot on 5 November 2014 between 5:30 – 6:30 PM (local time). This time we are enjoying some views of the Charles Bridge (Karlův most). The tripod and the remote control were very helpful again. Some photos (especially the last two ones) were shot at 30 seconds – in order to ‘clean’ them by ‘wiping out’ the tourists :) [Don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_8685 (Copy)

DSC_8694 (Copy)

DSC_8704 (Copy)

DSC_8705 (Copy)

DSC_8715 (Copy)

DSC_8717 (Copy)

My Prague (1): Prague by night (a): The Prague Castle

For almost three months I was away – but it’s so good to be back! And yes, I have a lot of photos to show you! I will start with a four-episodes serial which I like to call ‘Prague by night’. The first episode is about the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad). Photos shot yesterday evening (5 November 2014, between 18:00 – 19:00 PM, local time). Mandatory gear: a tripod and a remote control, since all the three photos are shot with an exposure time of 30 seconds (and ISO 400)! Other settings: first two photos: focal length: 42 mm, F/32; last photo: focal length: 30 mm, f/25. [Don’t forget: double click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_8721 (Copy)

DSC_8726 (Copy)

DSC_8727 (Copy)


Ok, this is not macro photography (I don’t have a macro lens, so except the last photo the others were shot with a 70-300 mm lens @ 300 mm). Hope you will still enjoy it (by the way: the second spider was really huge)! Photos taken on 21 July 2013 (the first two photos) and on 26 July 2014 (the last two photos). Very important regarding these photos: double click on each of it to enlarge it!

DSC_9687 (Copy)

DSC_9710 (Copy)

DSC_7615 (Copy)

DSC_7604 (Copy)

My Budapest (43): Városliget (5): The fickle statue

Click on each photo to enlarge it!

The normal statue (13 September 2013):

DSC_0186 (Copy)

Just a few days earlier (7 September 2013), somebody put a blanket on the statue – since it was not a cold weather, I guess the person who did this was a bit shy…

DSC_0092 (Copy)

And here is the statue as a supporter of the Budapest Pride – the 2014 edition (5 July 2014):

DSC_7561 (Copy)

My Budapest (42): Budapest Pride – July 2014 (19th) edition

I have to say that unfortunately the 2013 edition was by far better and attended by a larger number of people. Unlike the last year: (1) the organizers switched Pride’s starting and ending points (now the march started in front of the Parliament and ended in the City Park / Városliget); (2) Andrássy Avenue was only a part of the route; in order to keep fascist as far away as possible, the traditional route has been largely changed; (3) once in the City Park, people were not able to go home for a long period of time; because of fears of extremist groups, police fenced participants in the park. More infos on the Budapest Pride can be found here. Photos taken on 5 July 2014; double click on each photo to enlarge it!

DSC_7320 (Copy)Below (more or less accurate): ‘Nationalist feelings – Cock suckers – Fuck!’DSC_7341 (Copy)

DSC_7349 (Copy)

DSC_7353 (Copy)

DSC_7379 (Copy)

DSC_7387 (Copy)

DSC_7395 (Copy)

DSC_7425 (Copy)

DSC_7487 (Copy)

DSC_7518 (Copy)

DSC_7537 (Copy)

DSC_7545 (Copy)

Codrut: Photo shoot

Codrut (Chow-Chow, pedigree name: Heliotropium Codrut) is Helga’s son (see Helga’s photo shoot here). He was born on 21 April 2006, (in Iasi, Romania – but he is living now in Wattignies, France) so at the moment of this shooting session (26 and 28 April 2014 – Wattignies, Lille, France) he just turned 8. At the end of this post, you’ll see two photos with both of them (mother and son), taken on 22 and 29 April 2014. [Don’t forget: click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_6487-1 (Copy)DSC_6496 (Copy)

DSC_6522 (Copy)

DSC_6525 (Copy)

DSC_6570 (Copy)

DSC_6579 (Copy)

DSC_6581 (Copy)

DSC_6596 (Copy)

And here are the photos of Codrut and his mother Helga:

DSC_6452 (Copy)

DSC_6650 (Copy)


Helga – Photo shoot

Shooting dogs is not quite handy – you need a lot of time (just think about grooming first!), a lot of patience, and a very good knowledge of dog psychology. Preferably you should personally know the dog you want to shoot in order to catch different facial expressions. Here, my Chow-Chow Helga (pedigree name: Arizonai Almodozok Faviola) is 13 years and 3 months old (she was born on 14 February 2001 in Gyönk, Hungary and she came to me when she was six weeks old). Photos taken between 15-29 April 2014 (Wattignies, Lille, France). Check out other pictures of Helga here, here, here and here. Check also Codrut (Helga’s son) photo session here. [Click on each photo to enlarge it!]

DSC_6412 (Copy)

DSC_6413 (Copy)

DSC_6544 (Copy)

DSC_6556 (Copy)

DSC_6560-1 (Copy)

DSC_6587-1 (Copy)

DSC_6606-1 (Copy)

DSC_6634 (Copy)

DSC_6640 (Copy)

DSC_6641 (Copy)


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